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Span Engineering offers customised automation and connectivity solutions.

If you are a manufacturer, reseller, or operator – Span will work with you to bring your gear online.

I just want to do this from my phone”

We work with you to design, build and operate an end-to-end solution.

To do this, Span uses Doover – a cloud platform to connect you to your equipment. Span will provide you with the expertise to design and build a solution, and then make it available to you and your customers through Doover.


Doover connects you to your things.

Doover is a full remote connectivity system for you and your customers.

  1. Manage your remote equipment
    1. Control and Monitor your equipment in realtime
    2. Access remote camera feeds and historical snapshots
    3. Analyse everything that your device has done in the months gone by

  1. Manage your customers
    1. Invite them via text message
    2. Allow them to use and manage their equipment remotely
    3. Allow them to invite others via text-message to their organisation
    4. Provide remote support to them and their equipment

Span partners with Irritek

For over 25 years, Irritek has been supplying high-quality water infrastructure across Australia. Irritek offers the end-to-end design, construction and installation of high-volume water infrastructure to the agricultural, civil and mining industries.

In partnership with Span Engineering, Irritek is developing a remote control and monitoring solution for its pump site and channel gate product lineups. This will allow users to remotely monitor and control their pumping operations.

See the Irritek website for more information.

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